Pastor (VACANT):  Interim Pastor, Rev. Charles Froh


deaconessDeaconess Elizabeth J. Froh was born in Sacramento, CA, to Rev. Charles and Janet Froh. She was brought to the holy waters of baptism shortly thereafter, where she was forgiven and given a new name, God’s Own Child. She spent the majority of her youth and young adulthood in San Mateo, CA. She has two sisters (both married with children) and a brother.

Deaconess Froh is a graduate of California State University East Bay, receiving a BA in liberal arts with a special education option. She received her MA and Diploma of Deaconess Vocation in August 2015 from Concordia Theological Seminary. Grace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley, is her first placement as a deaconess.

Deaconess Froh enjoys reading and singing. She also likes to cook and hopes to find gardening as equally rewarding.