Thank you!   First off let us say first and foremost “Thank you”. Thank you to each and everyone of you for taking time to check out what we are up to at Grace Lutheran Church and the Hangout. Thank you for the tremendous support you have given the Hangout for over 9 years! Grass Valley and Nevada County is full of tremendous and generous people. Your support of us has gone beyond our wildest expectations. Without your support through gifts, food, prayers, and volunteerism we could not have welcomed over 34,000 student visits throughout our history.

We want to be better!   The Hangouts theme is “You Belong Here”. We exist to provide a safe and friendly environment for all teens after school. Teens find a safe space with access to free food and drinks, games, tutoring. Parents and guardians find a place where their kids will be safe after school. Yes, we are a church-based program but there is no religious pressure, just warm and welcoming faces ready to serve. We can always be better, so we would like to hear from you. How can we make the Hangout better?

We need your help.   Our building is unfortunately falling apart. From the plumbing, to the electrical to the basic needs for being ADA compliant, we are in rough shape. We have made a bold decision to revamp, refresh and remodel our facilities to make the Hangout even better! Our congregation is all on board, but we need your support! Whether its a one time donation, a regular monthly donation or a sponsorship of one of our remodel top ten projects, we know we can count on you. So  considering helping us out. Its fun, just like working with the youth of our community is fun.

Thank you!   Thanks for considering our efforts to make the Hangout better. We see a bright future ahead for the youth of Nevada County and we plan to be a part of it. We hope that you can support us as we try to make our community a little bit brighter for the youth. Stop by, say “hi”, have some food and drinks and stay tuned as we show you our progress!